Lean Transformation in Healthcare

Lean Healthcare FOCUS®

At TPMG Consulting, we have developed our own systematic approach to Lean transformation.  It’s called FOCUS®. The approach is built on one basic principle: concentrate on improving those activities that enhance patient satisfaction, improve healthcare outcomes and reduce the cost of care. We invite you to learn the healthcare industry’s the most effective and affordable healthcare performance improvement program in the nation.

Lean Healthcare FOCUS®

Through this dynamic site you will learn to apply the concepts of performance management and continuous improvement to create and sustain a more productive, efficient and cost effective healthcare delivery organization.  Through blogwebinars, cutting edge articles, training & certification or through professional services you will acquire the skills to:

  • Execute the standard process improvement methodology which reduces healthcare delivery costs by 20% – 30%.
  • Use continuous improvement methods to improve patient outcomes and sustain patient satisfaction.
  • Apply lean methodology and proven six sigma practices, in healthcare facilities, that improve operational efficiency and service excellence.
  • Lead hospital executives and performance improvement staff in identifying lean opportunities across the enterprise.
  • Oversee development and execution of lean project plans to support process improvement initiatives.
  • Use Lean, 5S,Value Stream Mapping, and other lean process activities in support of performance improvement initiatives.

Pilfer this blogsite for all the knowledge you can handle!


If you wish to learn about TPMG’s corporate program, read forward to learn more about how  you can:

  1. Benefit from a curriculum and best practices built by practitioners from the nation’s finest healthcare systems.
  2. Realize the benefits of greater productivity and cost improvements.  Improvement projects deliver an average of $256,000.00 in hard dollar cost savings per project.  TPMG certified lean six sigma black belts can deliver 4 to 6 projects per year.
  3. Receive mentoring and best practices from certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belts with more than 20,000 hours of experience from a cross section of industries like:  healthcare, insurance, shared services, financial services, logistics, call centers, and telecommunications.

for more regarding the corporate program, visit: www.helpingmakeithappen.com

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