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Online Seminar: The Value of Key Performance Indicators in Healthcare

Lean Six Sigma Training For Healthcare

Learn to Design and Deploy Key Performance Indicators & Measurement Systems for the Healthcare Industry

Join Us Online for a Live One Day Session!

Join us online for a “live” to learn the methods, procedures and best practices that help hospitals and clinics achieve superior operating performance and a culture of continuous improvement.  Want to know how to develop effective key performance indicators (KPIs) that will lead your Healthcare organization and its staff in the right direction? Wish to learn simple yet comprehensive techniques that will allow you systematically measure day to day performance of your clinic, hospital and system?  We’ve created an engaging and skill based day that demonstrates step-by-step how you can develop effective KPIs for your healthcare organization.  At the end of this seminar you will be able to:

  • Develop KPIs that drive productivity, efficiency and patient satisfaction.
  • Produce scorecards that align day to day activities with important outcomes.
  • Use performance analytics to determine cause and effect relationships of performance.
  • Link corporate KPIs to unit and individual KPIs
  • Create a dashboard of performance scorecards

This 1 – day course will teach you help your organization use performance metrics to improve its results.  You will learn to define, select, gather, analyze and manage key performance indicators and information.   Go forward to implement actions that will:

  1. Plan which key performance indicators to collect, align and integrate for tracking daily operations and overall organizational performance, including progress on achieving strategic objectives and action plans.
  2. Define key clinical performance metrics and balancing them with key short-term and longer-term financial metrics.
  3. Determine how frequently to track measures.
  4. Advise when and how to use performance indicators and analytics to support decision making and continuous improvement.
  5. Establish effective use of voice-of-the-customer metrics – including aggregated measures on complaints – to build a more patient-focused culture.

Each Candidate Will Receive:

  • A soft copy of TPMG’s “How to” Designing and Deploying Healthcare KPI’s Manual
  • Software (Excel) Templates for the KPI Tool Kit.

Where:  Online Live Session:  In TPMG’s Adobe Connect Live Classroom
Special Note:  The seminar will be conducted Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).  As such, your computer will require a high-speed internet connection and working speakers and a microphone (headset).

Tuition:  $100.00 per candidate

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